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Greetings from
New York City
Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island
from your Church Planting Missionaries
Ron, Susan, Noah, and Allyson Taylor
In January we reported that God had directed us towards a new church planting project. We wanted to give everyone an update as to where it has progressed. Sometimes the hardest part of church planting in an urban environment is simply waiting on God's timing. We've had moments where He seemed silent, so we only knew to wait. Other times, we've pressed our own desires in hopes of moving quicker, yet discovered in the process they weren't necessarily His desires. It's never good to settle for second best. With that being said, we've spent some time "waiting" these last few months. We've come to discover that this is a 30 year work that simply needs a hard reset. The current pastor has laid a godly foundation and worked tirelessly to hang on to what is left. Right now there is a core of about 10 people remaining. He has asked us to take the reigns and the people are excited about new beginnings. We are treating it as a new church plant. Goal number one is establishing contacts in the community through various outreaches as well as beginning small group in home Bible studies. The school building the core meets in for service is only available on Sunday, so it is imperative that we create opportunities throughout the week to connect with the neighboring communities. As of now, beginning these in home Bible studies is our priority, as well as discipleship. Ron is also continuing to pastor our church plant in Rockaway, Queens until God provides a man to step in to fill his position. So, currently we are meeting with both church plants to try to decide Sunday service times that will allow Ron to be in both places without losing momentum. We are hoping to have that decided in the next couple of weeks. We are so excited and God is making His pathway clear. Please pray for strength for Ron as he is spreading himself thin. Honestly, that's church planting at it's finest. Also, pray that both church plants will catch the vision of seeing themselves multiplied. Our God given goal has always been to plant five churches in each of the five boroughs. Multiplication is key to making that happen; it is reproducing ourselves in others. 

New opportunities make for exciting times simply because last year was so difficult. Our hearts were burdened for seeing a new church launch in Far Rockaway, but God kept telling us to wait. We watched a team that we had invested time in dwindle down to just our family. After Manny's death, opportunities seemed less available. Though we were thrilled for him, Elvis's move to Bible college left a gaping hole. Jovani took a job in South Carolina and left on a new adventure. We found ourselves straining to keep our heads above water. We needed help, to be in multiple places at once, but just couldn't make it happen on our own. This year is already proving to be so different. God is once again putting together a team, one that He Himself has handpicked. It can't get much better than that, so Ron has lovingly coined them the "Dream Team." This summer we will be joined by the Fraley family (Tony, Melissa, Willow, Jackson, and Luna), Elvis Leon, Jovani Carrasco, and Edwin Martinez. Each one will be working alongside us a we do our summer day camps and various evangelism outreaches in all 3 church planting locations: Rego Park, Rockaway, and Far Rockaway (all located in Queens). Along with them, we will be joined at various times during the month of July with mission teams that will be partnering with us from all over the United States. We are so excited for these new opportunities. Please pray with us as were are preparing details now for each event that will take place. 

May we encourage you just a bit? Have you ever found yourself in a quiet season, one where God Himself seemed silent. Well friends, He is right there. He hasn't left. Just sit quietly and wait. He's preparing your dream team. Don't settle for less! 

In His service,
Ron, Susan, Noah, and Allyson Taylor

Tony, Melissa, Willow, Jackson, Luna Fraley Jovani Carrasco
Edwin Martinez
Elvis Leon
Ron, Susan, Noah, Allyson Taylor