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Happy New Year 
from NYC!
from your Church Planting Missionaries
Ron, Susan, Noah, and Allyson Taylor
In all the years we have been church planting in New York City, God has been so good to us. We have planted two churches, partnered with several others to begin new ministries all around the city, and established many evangelistic opportunities that have boldly presented the Gospel. We have seen countless people saved, baptized, and discipled in the truth. And all the while God has faithfully provided for our needs. In just a few short weeks, we will have been in New York City for ten years. It’s hard to believe.  

Being stateside missionaries has given so many of our supporting churches the opportunity to come work with us personally. It’s been unique in that we haven’t had to take a furlough. In ten years time, we’ve had the pleasure of reporting to you right from our field what God has been doing. We’ve never asked for additional support. We’ve watched God use people just like you to partner with us in serving the world through this unique field. We are forever grateful for your sacrificial giving and priceless prayers.

The expense of living and ministering in one of the most expensive cities in the world is difficult, but one we feel called to now more than ever. The year of 2017 was a year of waiting. God continued to give us vision to plant 25 churches in each of the 5 boroughs of New York City, but the direction of where to go wasn't always clear. So when the pathway seemed foggy, we chose to bathe it in prayer and wait. However, near the last few weeks of the year, the fog has started lifting and God is beginning to reveal His next step for us.

There is a dying work in Queens, that just so happens to be near our home. We don't feel as though that is a coincidence. Upon the man's request, Ron met with the aging pastor a few weeks ago and he is confident that his time there is done. He and his wife have already moved to Connecticut and there is little of the work remaining. One of the most difficult aspects of ministry here is the fact that rent is so high. A short time ago, the congregation had to give up their building and there is a small group of them currently meeting in a school. As church planters, it burdens our hearts to watch a work die, especially when there is still a core of people holding on. Their pastor has asked us to take over. It is an Independent Baptist work and at the end of January we will begin Saturday night services. This will allow us to accommodate our current work’s (Beach Church) Sunday morning service.  

Our hearts continue to be burdened for the Far Rockaway as well. God just isn’t opening doors as of yet for a place to meet and a core to develop. We will actively continue to do Gospel outreaches in the community there and work directly with the community center in reaching the youth. We know there is a reason God has connected us to this community and in His time He will order our steps.  Please continue to pray for wisdom and guidance in this area.

With all of these new opportunities, comes new expenses. Thankfully, our personal finances are stable. We do not need anything for ourselves. However, to continue moving forward in community outreach, start-up costs for this new work, and continued ministry at Beach Church we need roughly $25,000 to $30,000. This will fund the start up expenses for administrative needs for our team, music and equipment, youth/children ministry, discipleship and outreach materials, events, signage, audio visual needs for the launch and any promotional and followup materials. There are also many things that we cannot plan, but can assume expenses for such as parking expenses, permits, insurance and a list of other NYC incidentals.

We understand that many of you have or are already giving to this ministry and for that we are incredibly grateful. However, we have a short window that is open to get started in this new work in January and would ask you to consider starting off this year with a love gift to this ministry.

We assume that you are probably already praying for us and that is why the doors are opening so we are asking that you would also consider the following:  
  • a one time love gift of $1,000, $500, or $100 
  • if you are an individual, a monthly commitment to the ministry for 3yrs, 2yrs, or 1 yr
  • pray about coming with a group in 2018 to help us here this summer as an intern or missions team

All tax deductible gifts should be sent payable to Church Planting America with “Ron Taylor” in the memo to P.O. Box 37887, Jacksonville, FL 32236. We will receive 100% of the funds. You may also give online at www.churchplantingamerica.org by clicking on donations. Please be aware that PayPal will receive 3% of any online donations.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the exciting new year we have in store.  We have no doubt that God is making a way to fulfill our vision Together we are making a difference in New York City. Thank you for your investment and confidence in us. May God bless each and every one of you.  

In His service,
Ron, Susan, Noah, and Allyson Taylor