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Greetings from the Mission Field of New York City
Can you believe fall is already here. Here in New York, we are still trying to recover from our busy summer. Along with our summer interns, our teammates, and many missions teams, we were able to accomplish many evangelistic opportunities. 

One of the highlights of summer was July. Each year we have day camps that last the entire month for kids ages 5-12. We registered nearly 70 kids and had several salvations this year. On the final Sunday of the month we had a big celebration service with over 100 in attendance. Parents came to hear about what their child learned at day camp, but they left having heard a very clear presentation of the Gospel. Our goal this year was to make a deeper connection with parents, and we have already seen much fruit because of that.

Another highlight was ministering in the community of Rego Park, Queens for the church plant we spoke of in our last couple of newsletters. Our goals there were to revive a dying work and get into a community that we've never had the opportunity to minister in before. Ron preached weekly and our team ministered with music. We witnessed the people gain a new hunger for God's Word . We also spent the summer doing park evangelism and inviting people to our services on Sundays. The area is predominantly Jewish with a significant Indian and Asian population, so we had to think outside the box to meet people. Aside from balloon animals and face painting, one of the most fun opportunities we had was teaching kick ball each week to a large group of cricket players. Once we got out the kickball, it was only a matter of minutes before no less than 30 people would show up to play, and usually ending with many more. Because of a simple game, many doors have been opened to reach an entire community. Please continue to pray for the work in Rego Park. Currently, the church is meeting each week at a local elementary school, but there is an incredible potential for God to do a mighty work there.

Between planting both works, the summer went by like a whirlwind. We are thankful for the fruit that was produced and the many seeds that were planted. As fall is now here, we must go out and raise some more support. With every church plant our needs increase. In the 10 years we have been here, we have never increased our support, yet our expenses have. So, beginning Oct 4th, we will hit the road and not return to NYC until November 8th. Two of our teammates will be filling the pulpit for us, Tony Fraley and Elvis Leon, as well as some other gentlemen that we've had the opportunity to minister with. Please pray the Lord continues to grow these works while we are away and that He provides for our needs as we travel. We leave here burdened to get back as quickly as possible. New York is our home, but it will be refreshing to share that burden with other faithful believers. We look forward to returning with a new fervor in our hearts.
Thank you for your faithful support and prayers.

In His service,
Ron, Susan, Noah, and Allyson Taylor